Council of Advisors

As we continue to witness unrelenting change across the globe, we are grateful for the incredible work being accomplished in so many diverse venues as individuals and institutions work together to create a meaningful global society. SCM is pleased to present our Council of Advisors whose deep expertise in their chosen fields of interest and their willingness to engage in spirited discussion is very much appreciated.

Mr. John Schaetzl


John Schaetzl

John Schaetzl is currently Lead Director at SustainAbility, and has ten years’ of experience managing global life-science investment funds at GE Asset Management. He advises large foundations, government agencies and fund managers on investing that supports economic development and sustainable access-to-health outcomes.

While at GE Asset Management, John managed funds for insurers, mutual-fund investors and pension funds, among others. He was previously an executive at Bayer, a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and a university teacher and administrator. John holds an honors degree from Harvard College and a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Jeff Erikson

Jeff Erikson

Jeff Erikson is the General Manager for Client Engagement at the Global CCS Institute, an international member-led organization whose mission is to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as an imperative technology in tackling climate change and providing energy security. Jeff leads a global team responsible for growing the Institute’s membership, and is the Institute’s senior executive in North America.

Jeff has a diverse and extensive experience in energy and climate change that has spanned 30 years. Prior to joining the Institute, Jeff served in senior leadership positions at the non-profit Carbon War Room and the consultancy SustainAbility, where he worked on market-based solutions to climate change. He spent 14 years at Mobil Oil and ExxonMobil Corporation, where he was responsible for projects and programs in multiple engineering specialties and across a broad range of environmental, health and safety issues. Jeff holds a BS degree in civil engineering from Bucknell University and is a professional engineer.

Ms. Hunter Lovins

Hunter Lovins

L. Hunter Lovins is the President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions(NCS), a non-profit formed in 2002 in Longmont, CO. A renowned author and champion of sustainable development for over 35 years, Hunter has consulted on business, economic development, sustainable agriculture, energy, water, security, and climate policies for scores of governments, communities, and companies worldwide. Within the United States, she has consulted for heads of state, departments of defense, energy agencies and hundreds of state and local agencies. Hunter believes that citizens, communities and companies, working together within the market context, are the most dynamic problem-solving force on the planet. She has devoted herself to building teams that can create and implement practical and affordable solutions to the problems facing us in creating a sustainable future.

Hunter has co‐authored fifteen books and hundreds of articles, and was featured in the award‐winning film, Lovins On the Soft Path. Her best‐known book, Natural Capitalism, Won the Shingo Prize. It has been translated into a more than three dozen languages and summarized in Harvard Business Review. Its sequel, The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism To Save Our Economic Ass, won the Atlas Award. Her latest, Creating a Lean and Green Business System again won the Shingo Prize. Watch for her forthcoming book, A Finer Future.

Hunter has taught at numerous universities around the world. Currently a founding professor of Sustainable Management at Bard MBA, she was named a Master at the Chinese De Tao Academy, where she helped launch the Institute for Green Investment in Shanghai. She is a Fellow of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western University.

Lovins has consulted for scores of industries and governments worldwide, including International Finance Corporation, Unilever, Walmart, the United Nations and Royal Dutch Shell, as well as such sustainability champions as Interface, Patagonia and Clif Bar.

Hunter lectures regularly to audiences around the globe, and has briefed senior officials in more than 30 countries. She has worked in economic development from Afghanistan to New Zealand, and served the King of Bhutan on his International Expert Working Group, charged with reinventing the global economy. She serves on the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome, the steering committee of the Alliance for Sustainability And Prosperity, and Capital Institute’s Advisory Board. A founding mentor of the Unreasonable Institute, Hunter teaches entrepreneurship and coaches social enterprises around the world. She is also a founding partner in Change Finance, an impact-investing firm. Hunter has won dozens of awards from the Right Livelihood Award(Alternative Nobel), Leadership in Business, The Rachel Carson Award, and the European Sustainability Pioneer award. Time Magazine recognized her as a Millennium Hero for the Planet, and Newsweek called her the Green Business Icon.

Dr. Gami Maislin

Gami Maislin

Dr. Maislin serves as the Lead for Raytheon’s power technology scouting program, Opportunities in Power. She is a technology leader who is passionate about identifying, promoting, and inserting innovative power and energy technologies to solve global energy resource and defense security challenges.

Gami also consults with leaders who seek to understand emerging power and energy technologies on a deeper level in order to make investment and policy decisions. She knows that the success of every investment decision hinges crucially on the fundamental physics of the technology coupled with an assessment of the SYSTEMS level challenges required to bring a real product to market.

Having spent her career in every phase of the product development lifecycle, working in startup to large organizations, and in the commercial and defense sectors, Gami approaches her industry analysis and technical due diligence from a broad customer perspective.

Dr. Maislin received her PhD in Optical Physics from the University of Rochester.

Mr. Fidel Reijerse

Fidel Reijerse

Mr. Reijerse co-founded RESCo. RESCo is an award winning Canadian company of over 60 employees specializing in providing consultation, design and installation of solutions where buildings, technology, and energy come together. RESCo has a deep experience in solar thermal, solar PV, LED lighting, monitoring, controls and more recently in large off-grid diesel/PV/storage systems.

The focus has always been in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, especially those that are on the forefront of sustainability. In 2010, Flynn Canada took a 50% interest in RESCo, and in 2014 RESCo expanded its reach into the Caribbean with the formation of Goldfield Solar.