Investment Opportunities

In 2013, our macro research identified an “early adapter opportunity” represented by the transition from a carbon-based economy to a technology-based economy; and so began our journey of investing, in clean energy related technologies. We consciously decided to fund, with our own resources, the growth of the firm, until we could show consistent positive returns from investments that provided above market returns from investments. SCM investment and environmental themes include: clean technologies, renewable energy power generation, clean transportation, water, waste management, as well as energy efficiency. SCM considers environmental, social and governance issues in making investment decisions.

New Era Technologies

  • Cash flow positive
  • 1.5%-2.5% dividend
  • Stable growth / lower volatility

New Era Technologies Growth

  • Developed and emergent Companies
  • 0.0%-2.5% dividend
  • Growth-oriented, higher risk
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  • Public Equities
  • Concentrated portfolio @ 20-30 positions
  • Growth and income
  • Dividend 0.0% - 2.5%

  • Integrated service companies
  • Cash flow positive
  • Dividend growth or potential
  • Predictable margin and revenue growth

  • No leverage
  • Sector allocations – maximum of 25%
  • Security allocations at cost – maximum of 8%