At Seamans Capital Management, our mission is to provide more return with less risk through sustainability-focused investments.

As our global society continues to embrace a more environmentally and socially conscious world, it is our mission to provide investments that represent the intersections of progressive change and financial gain. We continually evaluate our investment strategies and market performance to provide risk-mitigated portfolios in wealth accumulation and capital preservation for our clients. Our experience and global network in renewable energy, and its technologies and resources, helps us identify investments that have a positive impact in our ever-changing landscape. As fiduciary advisors, our first priority is to aid our clients meet their financial objectives with investments that provide stability, income, and growth in accordance with their investment constraints. As progressive change-makers, it is our duty to support the world’s sustainable evolution.

  • We believe we are experiencing an era characterized by global transformations.
  • We believe it is important to support investments that will provide strong financial returns while supporting environmental vitality.
  • We believe in doing our own research, both bottom-up and top-down, as well as integrating technical analysis.
  • We believe in building strong relationships, rooted in trust and open dialogue, with our colleagues and clients.